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Multi Business Branding & Marketing

Teicnic was started over 13 years ago with the goal of exceeding the needs of our customers. The company first started out as me doing freelance design and helping friends I knew who were starting businesses. After hearing the complaints, one of my friends asked if I can do their corporate branding. I agreed, and at the end result was my friend referred other people to me to  do the  same thing. There were instances where my friends were severely taken advantage of and because my true nature is caring for those who have been taken advantage of by other web design companies or designers and felt the need to assist them.

My love for art and beautiful designs is what allowed me to take flight in what I do. At that time  there was not many competitors in my field of expertise. In order for you to get a professional design you needed to spend top dollar to get everything you need for your business to thrive in the online community. Competitors were few and far so the customer had the time and opportunity to research what they needed for their businesses succeed in their industry. With a lack of competitors it was easy for businesses to get their start, make progress and climb the financial ladder.

Now that Marketing has changed and with the over flow of the way web development is being done by fly by night designers and companies just to make a quick buck, makes it troubling for those who have studied the craft. Because of this reality, customers are having a hard time finding  a great designer who can do the job correctly that will satisfy their needs and help their business grow efficiently.

When asked, what our customers think about us, we’ve heard them repeat that they like the quality of our work and services. They love the professionalism of our customer service. We have an innovative style that allows them to show their business to others in a different light. We give them the flexibility to make changes within a quick time period. Our prices have been more cost-effective with the time period allotted. The one thing they love the most is our efficiently holistic approach to getting them everything they need in one place.


Offering Many Products and Services to Customers.

Igniting the passion and dreams of our potential and current customers is very important to us. This is why were are in the business of creating and offering solutions in a Multi-Business Branding & Marketing Company. Our Services of Website Design, Hosting, Online Marketing, and Printing allows us to building strategic alliances with the people we meet and produce powerful solutions.

We also specialize in a wide variety of high quality printing products such as business cards, bookmarks, brochures, door hangers, envelopes, event tickets, flyers, letterheads, posters, postcards, and etc. These products are offered to customers who have different requirements. Such customers like start-up businesses, small business, non-profit organizations, schools, photographers, mechanics, cosmetics, health, and beauty, and so much more who desires to have their business and services advertised to their prospective clientele.